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looks like it's the ENT for us

mathis was at the pedi for the umpteenth time today and is on ear infection #4. she referred us to an ent. does this automatically mean tubes? poor guy! she also thinks that the cough he has is a result of so much drainage from his ears. i have to give him a xopenex inhhaler. just like big brother. sigh. my poor kiddos.

Re: looks like it's the ENT for us

  • oh no!   Hope he feels better soon!
  • Not sure if it means tubes or not...but I know a handful of kids that have had tubes put in and it works wonders!  Hope he feels better soon...
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  • Poor thing.  I don't know about tubes but have read multiple times that zylitol (nasal spray/drops) seems to be effective at preventing ear infections for some kiddos. 

    I use it myself and my sinuses have been much better.

  • I'd try a pediatric chiropractor.
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  • We just had tubes put in the week before Christmas. David just kept getting infection after infection - so bad we were left with antibiotic injections every other day this last time.

    Good luck and hope Mathis gets feeling better soon!

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  • It might mean tubes. They'll likely test his hearing and look at his ears/history.

    Tubes turned out to be a good thing for Lucas. He has had two ear infections (and only two) since tubes without any discomfort. That means a lot to him and us.

    It wasn't easy on us at the time, though. Sorry you all have to go through this.

  • awww poor thing, so sorry you are going through this. I was actually reading about tubes the other day and they seem to work wonders for kids. They only last a few years then distergrate. They said it can even help with infections because the antibiotics can be given as drops through the ear... quite interesting if you ask me. Hope he feels better sooN!

  • I don't know much about tubes but just wanted to say good luck with everything.  I can imagine having a sick baby is heartbreaking for Mama.  Hope Mathis feels better soon.
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    I don't know much about tubes but just wanted to say good luck with everything.  I can imagine having a sick baby is heartbreaking for Mama.  Hope Mathis feels better soon.

    it is. it killed me to have to hold him down and give him an inhaler this morning. poor kiddo. the good news is he is not contageous so i hope we can come see Allie soon and give her her gifts before she is too big for them!!

  • Allie has a little heat rash on her face and neck now.  It makes her a little fussy and it's going away slowly but it kills me to hear her cry!  We're pretty much always here so we can get together whenever you guys are ready.  The holidays were CRAZY busy here so I am glad that they are over.  Had her pedi appt yesterday and she's still in the 25% percentile and weighs 8 lb 8 oz and is 21 inches long.  She's growing but she's still a little girl :)
  • Sorry your little guy is sick. :-( 

    Abbie had tubes put in at 8 months (after 5 ear infections) and they worked wonders.  She's 5 now and has only had 2 ear infections since.  The day of the surgery when we brought her home she was crawling around like nothing had happened. 

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  • Hope everything turns for the better!!!  A sick baby is the worst!
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