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Hello! I've never seen you around so welcome!

i couldn't help but notice your siggy, you have an eskie! We do too. How old is he/she?

Good luck on your TTC journey. It took me six cycles of intense monitoring, clomid and other stuff  this time to get pregnant!



Re: ***meycitaaaa***

  • Hi there, thank you for the warm welcome. I hope to post more here and get to know you all. Houston is 6 years old, he's the love of my life :) he's actually a Pomeranian but gets confused by an eskie a lot, at some point I thought he was really one because he's so different from my other pom but every vet I take him tells me he's a pom. Since he's so special I secretly think he is really an american eskimo. How old is yours? I hope 2010 finally brings me my BFP.
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