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I recall Aaron and Jace having fussy, uncontrollable at times, stages. I think Robert wants to join the club. I'm almost at my breaking point. My two other children get absolutely NO attention. They're running on auto-pilot because 100% of my time is devoted to trying to comfort Robby. (They ate cookies for breakfast) I feel completely overwhelmed.

He's 7 wks today. When he's awake he's unhappy. It breaks my heart for him and it's absolutely exhausting. I went to the Pedi today in tears. She observed him during a feeding, spit-up, reflux, a poop and the normal fussy aftermath.

We've switched Robby to Carnation Good Start Gentle Plus and Zantec. I'm hoping and praying this brings relief. To top it off, I get a lovely visit from AF AGAIN today (as if having it once this month wasn't enough)

I'm really struggling today. Ugggh.

What was the magic turn-around point for your boys? I want my happy boy back.


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  • Aaron went through a short period of extreme gas when he was a newborn and we switched the formula from Enfamil Premium Lipil to the Gentlease.  And he would have a "witching hour" from 8 to 10 pm every night.

    However, he was generally happy and cheerful during the day. It was just at night and--I eventually learned--when he was overtired. So I'm probably not the right person to help here.

    But I will say that somewhere around 2.5 months he seemed to sleep better, to be more relaxed at night. I hope Robby's "phase" passes quickly.


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  • Sweet Kari- my heart goes out to you. Jace was fussy a lot of the time but especially between 6-9 every single night. Nothing would console him (and believe me, I tried it all). He screamed at the top of his lungs for three hours straight. There were a few nights that I didn't think I'd make it. John and I took turns. When one of us got totally overwhelmed, the other took over. Doc said it was colic. I hope Robby doesn't have colic. But Kari, even if he does, you will get through it. I promise. For most babies with colic, it ends at three months. That's when it ended for us.

    We also use Goodstart Gentle Plus (due to gas) and love it. The Enfamil Gentlease didn't work at all.

    Hang in there. It gets better :)

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  • HI Kari,

    I hope you don't mind me "butting" in, but Nicholas had colic too and the pedi recommended Nutramigen Lipil (especially made for colic) ... expensive, but SO worth it, he was over his colic in 2 days flat!  Hope Robby gets past his troubles quickly ...



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  • Hi Kari, i'm butting in here too..sorry...Ari had reflux and colic for what felt like forever the colic disappeared at 3 months - the reflux lasted for fifteen months. Ari would *scream* from 6 - 9p and then 12-3a and then 5 -8a. I didn't think i could survive one more day/night of the colic but somehow I managed and you can're so much stronger than me! Ari was so difficult that my pedi told me at my last app't with Orchid "She's such an easy happy baby! Kandie, you so deserve an easy baby after Ari!" lol. You can do this Kari...ask for help from dh and anyone else you trust nearby. ((HUGS!))
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