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Intro - howdy!

Hi y'all! I wasn't sure if I was technically high-risk or not until I went to my last doctor's appt and my OB laid out for me the protocol for high-risk pregnancies. Is it wierd that I'm glad to finally have that label? I guess b/c my job wanted me to start traveling again and this clinches it (and I did NOT want to get on a plane every month right now).

 After 2 1/2 years trying to get pregnant, we had our first BFP in February but m/c at 9 weeks. I am homozygous MTHFR+, and with the 2nd BFP in August, doc put me on lovenox & prometrium (in addition to the aspirin and Fabb Tablets). So far so good, though I'm one big bruise. I was on modified bedrest for my first trimester, too, and that's when my OB initially took me off travel. Just trying to get this pregnancy to stick! So I'm up and about now, but limited physical activity (don't tell my mom that twice now I've been all over my house doing touch up painting to try to get it ready for sale).

How are y'all doing today?


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