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Bed Rest Mamas Check-In *Tuesday*

This thread is for any and all mamas on bedrest, in any form. We are stuck home or in the hospital, in a bed or on our couches, and could use the support of each other to make it through this time in order to get to a healthy baby! We all know how hard bedrest is and we wish everyone a healthy pregnancy!!!! Anyone is welcome to join, and anyone can start this daily thread. Just copy and paste this paragraph and info lines below if you get here and the thread has yet to start for that day!

Name - Lesley

Due Date - 2/10

Date Placed on Bedrest - restricted activity/pelvic rest at 18 weeks; modified 12/10; hospitalized 12/16

Type - Hospitalized Modified bed rest

Why - Vasa previa/(possible) pregnancy induced hypertension

Question of the Day - What are your favorite TV shows right now?

Answer - I love Glee, Big Bang Theory (we're such nerds), The Office, and How I Met Your Mother.  I'm also spending a lot of time trying to catch up with Lost.  I'm about to start season 4.  My DH is desperately trying to get me into Battlestar Galactica but I haven't started it yet.

Updates - Up bright and early again today for a BPP...he's still not showing any signs of breathing but everything else looks great.  I'm supposed to get a repeat this afternoon at some point.  Hopefully he's just not cooperating because it's so early.  Please keep us in your T&Ps though!

 **Good luck today at your NST, Cora!  I'm glad the good nurse is back!  I was thinking of checking the Vaccine book out and now I'll definitely do so.

I hope everyone else is doing well!**

Re: Bed Rest Mamas Check-In *Tuesday*

  • Name - Becca

    Due Date - 4/21

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 12/18 at 22w1d

    Type - modified bed rest at home; can take seated showers, make snacks, go up and down the stairs a few times a day.

    Why - shortening cervix, twin pregnancy

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite TV shows right now?

    Answer - 

    I have been watching Friends on DVD, my husband downloaded How I Met Your Mother for me, I love the old BH 90210 re-runs on SoapNet.  All the "new" shows I watch are off right now, but I have been watching Gossip Girl, Glee, House, White Collar, and Grey's Anatomy.  I can't believe by the time Glee comes back on TV my babies will be here!  I also like The Closer on TNT, but that is off til summer.

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  • I was bummed when I realized that my hospital stay started basically when all the shows were done for the season.  We'll all have our hands happily full by the time most of the new shows are on.
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  • Name - Nic

    Due Date - 2/12

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 11/24 - 28w, 4d

    Type - modified bedrest at home

    Why - contractions and threatened PTL

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite TV shows right now?

    Answer - I am getting sucked into a bunch of reality TV - Keeping up with the Kardashians, For the Love of Ray J, Tough Love, etc. I usually watch many shows on Animal Planet with my three furry "kids" and of course "Baby Story" on TLC.

    Updates - Boring appointment yesterday, so that was a relief. The office was understaffed, so we had to wait an hour to see my OB. It was just a belly check, and my OB stating he's glad I'm still pregnant. He said we have passed the critical 32 week point, but he wants to be greedy and get me to 36 weeks. My next appointment is January 12, since I have been good on my bedrest. After that point, he is going to start weaning me off the terbutaline and let nature take it's course.

    DS #1 born January 2010. DS #2 due June 2014.

  • Name - Cora

    Due Date - 1/23

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 11/21 31w

    Type - modified bedrest/ restricted activity

    Why - PTL

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite TV shows right now?

    Answer - Keeping up with the Kardashians, Las Vegas, Ghost Hunters, Deliver Me, 18 Kids and Counting, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Diners Drive-In's and Dives, Food Network Challenge, Clean House, Cake Boss Supernanny etc. I tend to flip back and forth between commercials lol!

    Updates - NST went fine today! Have my OB appt tomorrow with a nurse midwife. I didn't like the one I met with previously hope I like this one better lol! I'm praying I haven't gained a lot of weight!

  • Name - Andrea

    Due Date - 3/5/10

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 12/18 at 29w6d

    Type - strict hospital bed rest, can get up to go to the bathroom, that is all

    Why - preterm labor 

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite TV shows right now? With nothing else to do I've been watching TV shows on DVD. Started "In Treatment" and am also going old school with "Gilmore Girls" :) 

    Update - I've been on Nifedipine for over a week now and things are quiet and stable. I am waiting to see my peri early next week to check on the growth of the babies and hopefully if all looks well they will let me go home for bedrest. I never appreciated how difficult bedrest could be until now.

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  • Name - Marissa

    Due Date - 2/5/10

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 12/18 at 29w6d

    Type - strict bed rest

    Why - preterm labor 

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite TV shows right now?  Cake boss, the office, LOST, old school 90210, Gossip Girl, Top Chef, The Ruins/Gauntlet, Say yes to the dress, The Bachelor..  I LOVE reality TV!!!!  :) Bummed that half of them are over though....

    Update -  Went and saw the dr, yesterday because I am leaking a lot of fluid.. I was convinced it was amniotic fluid, but after he did the internal he confirmed that my bag of water was intact.  He said bc of my thinned out cervix I am just goin to have discharge watery and all.. Sorry for the TMI..lol But everything is good and Friday is  my big day of no more medicine or bedrest..I wont lie I am pretty nervous..lol I also return to work on Monday...


    I hope everyone is doing well :)

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