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Closing the door to DC's room?

Just wondering how many of you close the door all the way shut at night when your LO goes to bed?

DH and I have different points of view on this, and I'm curious as to what other people do. (BTW, I don't want to close the door all the way only 2/3 way closed, DH wants it completely shut.)


Re: Closing the door to DC's room?

  • we close it all the way. why do you not want to? seems like a practical way to keep the baby's room quiet.
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    we close it all the way. why do you not want to? seems like a practical way to keep the baby's room quiet.

    this. although, we have a tiny house so maybe that's why leaving it open never seems like a good idea. even without a monitor, we can hear C peep at night from our room.

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  • We keeps ours closed for noise, light, and because our cats would be constantly in and out of the room and "entertaining" DD. Sometimes I wish we had a video monitor so we could just peer in at her without waking her up, but we all seem fine with the door closed. It is better fire safety, too!
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  • Closed shut to keep out noise, light, and dogs (although they can push it open).  We have a video monitor.   We have a fire alarm outside her door, but sometimes I think we should have one inside.



  • We've always closed the door all the way.  It keeps her room quieter, plus if God forbid we ever had a fire, it helps as a barrier to keep the smoke out of her room a bit longer.   
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  • At bedtime, as we leave the room we close it almost all the way (it makes a really loud noise to open and we always check on her again and make sure she has her blanket later).  Then when DH goes to bed, he pushes it almost all the way open because he likes to be able to hear her.  When I go to bed, I close it back to 2/3 shut since I think it is warmer and quieter that way and we can still hear her just fine.  If he gets up in the middle of the night, he opens it back up again.  It is a little game we play.   I hadn't thought about the fire angle, but I don't know how we would be able to sneak in and see her without waking her up if we had the door shut.  This being said, when the new baby arrives in May, I assume we'll be shutting the door more often so as not to disturb DD with all the crying and noise. 
  • DD is a very light sleeper. The door to her room is always closed when she is napping or sleeping. We usually watch TV after she goes to bed and the dogs would probably run in and wake her up. It also keeps the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer and keeps the moisture from humidifier in during the winter. We have a monitor in our bedroom and one in the kitchen so we can hear it if she wakes up.

    she also prefers to sleep in completely darkness so keeping the door shut keeps all light out

  • Sometimes we leave it open a crack, and sometimes we close it all the way.  We always leave our bedroom door wide open though, because I am paranoid about someone going in to her room to take her.  I feel like if our door is open then we (and our dog who sleeps with us) will see/hear them.  DH thinks I'm a little nuts.  :)
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  • I don't know exactly why I never really wanted the door closed all the way except for I could check in on him easily with it only 2/3 of the way closed. And I guess I have always felt like it would scare DS if it was shut all the he would think we left him all alone (now that I read that as I type, I'm laughing at my logic!!)

    I'm going to try with the door all the way closed though, now that I see more people do that.

  • doors are shut in our house. We have cats and I dont like when they are sleeping in the girls rooms when they are asleep (not sure why, but I just dont like it) other than that it is just more quiet for them when they are sleeping.
  • We leave it open a crack, but that's just b/c it makes a lot of noise to close it completely.
  • We actually leave the door mostly open.  I'll close it 2/3 of the way while he's going to sleep, but then open it all the way before we go to bed.

    Personally, I don't like sleeping with the door shut, so I do the same for DS.  DH would probably like to close it a little more so we don't disrupt DS getting to sleep, but he's able to sleep either way so we leave it open.


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