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pillows in bed? when?

so belle still sleeps with no pillow in her crib (she likes it in there and has never asked to get out and even refuses when we ask if she wants a big girl bed, fine, stay in there as long as you want kid), but when she sleeps in bed with me (we have a cold this week so she comes in around 4am) she sleeps on my pillow and does pretty well.

so...when did you introduce a pillow? and where did you find one that wasn't a huge fluffy mass? I think she needs a slightly flatter pillow, but I can't seem to find one.


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Re: pillows in bed? when?

  • She pretty much had one when she slept in her toddler bed around 15 months.  I gave her mine because she loves sleeping on it and it's flatter/"used".  I just bought a new one for myself. 
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  • I think we did around the time he turned 2, but he was no longer in the crib at that point.
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  • A's bedding collection had a small quilted pillow (pretty much all of the PBK collections do) so we bought it.  For the longest time it was my extra pillow in the chair while nursing, perfect use.  When we converted her crib to a toddler bed (just removed the front edge) at 20 months she asked for the pillow and has used it since.  It's pretty firm so we don't worry about squishiness.  She sleeps with 3-4 blankets (yes, she's neurotic) and 6-7 stuffed animals in her little crib converted into a toddler bed...I worry more about all of that stuff than her pillow.  It makes her happy so we roll with it.  I think Belle is definitely ready for one!  Consider getting one of the PBK ones, they're a great size and fit firmly inside the quilted pillow cases.  
  • When we moved him to the toddler bed at 18ish months...
  • There's been a pillow in E's bed since she moved out of our bed at 16mo. In the beginning it was just for us to lay down with her and she never used it. At some point she started using it sometimes, but it's still a sometimes thing. Some nights she goes to bed using it and hugging it... other nights she wants nothing to do with it. It's a regular sized feather pillow, so a huge fluffy mass.
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  • When she moved to her toddler bed - around 18 months. I saw she liked to lay on mine so I thought she might like one. I bought a toddler sized one from IKEA.
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  • Avery "stole" my pillow around 12 months.  She's had one (or 4) since then.  She is a pillow hog. 
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