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mom, you should know better!!

my mom asked me a few months ago what she should get warner for xmas. (i told her nothing, that he doesn't need anything, but she insisted *sigh*) so I said how about a simple set of wooden blocks? she thought this was a good idea.

so she gives him a set for ages 3+. Indifferent

some of the blocks of TINY...major choking hazards. I weeded out all the small pieces or ones that look questionably shaped for a baby and now there are less than a quarter left. when I said wooden blocks, I was thinking of good sized alphabet blocks--big cubes that he can't eat! and I thought that my mother, who actually does know how to read, would understand the whole age rating system. oh mom....

I know she meant well, but it's frustrating. and she thinks I'm way over-protective and too much of a worrier, and in a way she's right. but when it comes to things like this, I think I'm justified!

Re: mom, you should know better!!

  • We are the same way with Simon, especially when it comes to giving him sugary/unhealthy foods.  At Christmas brunch everyone kept trying to give my son things we don't let him eat: the foam from hot cocoa, ice cream, apple pie.  When we spoke up and explained that we don't give him sugar at this age (he doesn't need it and isn't asking for it), they think we are way over protective.  What's wrong with making healthy food choices for your child? 


  • MIL is like that as well, though I love her and she always has good intentions.  A few months ago she stopped by with a bunch of "snacks" for Audrey.  They were all Gerber toddler food, and they had age ranges on them.  One of the boxes contained these chewy bar things, and the picture on the box had a preschool aged kid kicking a soccer ball.  DD was 8 months old, not four years old.  I just had to smile and nod.  :-)
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  • That stinks... there are so many great wooden block sets for little ones!  It's a shame you couldn't have gently pointed out the age restriction to her and said "that's ok, I'll return it and get a more appropriate one."

    As for unhealthy foods in the other response, here is my take.... (with the caveat that my LO doesn't eat food yet, so I've never had to do it, but here is my plan for when she does)... while we will also keep foods at home pretty healthy, I'm of the mindset that "what happens at grandmas (or elsewhere) stays at grandmas."  So, if my LO eats cookies or donuts or other things we won't give her at home when we're elsewhere, that's fine (within reason), but they will only be a special treat, and we'll be back to normal at home. 

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  • MIL gave DD 2 age-inappropriate gifts. She made her a necklace out of chocking-hazard beads and she gave her a flashlight. Why does a 1 y.o. need a flashlight? Regardless, the tag on it says "ages 3+" and it's one of those without a cover over the front, and I can just see DD reaching in, breaking off the tiny little bulb and eating it!

    and I totally agree about unhealthy foods, soon enough they'll know they exist but for now, they don't and we don't give any!

  • The age-appropriateness of toys and no junk food are two of my biggest pet peeves and two issues we struggle with when it comes to  my ILs.  Drives me insane. 

    1) the age thing on toys is just mind boggling to me.  WTF is wrong with people that they don't pay attention to this?  It's one thing to give them something they can play with in several or even six months, but when it's at least a couple of years away?  Come on.

    2) the food thing.  It's amazing to me the crap people think babies can/should eat.  Chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, sugar substitutes.  We'll give DS an occasional homemade baked good (baked from scratch so it's not a cake mix or something with junk in it at least), so I feel like it's at least a whole food if you know what I mean. 

    My MIL insists on giving the kids food as presents (weird to me but whatever), so my H told her unsweetened applesauce would be ok (he was trying to steer her away from the rainbow colored goldfish crackers she gave him for Halloween and the like).  She gives him "Lite" applesauce.  I ask "Why does it say Lite?"  She said she read the ingredients and it didn't have sugar.  I read the ingredients and what does it have?  SPLENDA.  Why does applesauce have Splenda you ask?  I have no f-ing clue.

  • FWIW, I was looking for a set of age appropriate blocks at both Toys R Us, and at Target a couple of days before Christmas - and there was nothing. Every set of "traditional" blocks I saw started at age 2 or 3.
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  • I have a whole shelf in the closet of age inappropriate toys waiting for Maggie.  I know some family members just can't wait for her to be old enough for paints etc (she is now, but at 1yo, fingerpaints gave me nightmares).  Also some kids do well with small pieces (my niece is great about playing with those things) but Maggie still puts them in her mouth and I have baggies in her top dresser drawer full of the small pieces for her toys that she can't yet have.

    We were doing well wuth the food stuff but this past Halloween really ruined that now that she can remember what candy is and how good it was.  When I asked what she was going to ask Santa for she said Candy and then clarified that she wanted Dora Candy (fruit snacks - which only makes them sound healthy so I try and call them candy so no one gives her 5 a day) and Smarties (her fave from Halloween).  I remember when she was about 9 mo old and my stepmom insisted on giving her this processed pudding crap and she promptly puked it up all over her - I tried to tell her she never had added sugar and I made all her food and most of her finger foods. 

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