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Registry Question

My family is mostly in Fredericksburg and John's family is in and around Baltimore. Except for Target and Babies R Us, are there any good places to register? My mother said my family won't buy online, but I've heard terrible things about the return policies of the aforementioned.

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  • Babies R Us' return policy sucks. Buy Buy Baby's is great, and they have a great selection. They also accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for some things. There's only one local store, though, in Rockville, but their online selection/registry option is great. I've heard good things about Great Beginnings as well, but again that's only in Gaithersburg. So, uh . . . sorry, this was not the most helpful answer :-)

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  • Like the pp said, BRU and Target are the most nation-wide stores and if your family won't shop online, that makes things more tricky.  Maybe register for a few things at BRU/Target - things you don't really care if they won't let you return them.  Then register for the important stuff at a more accomodating store or website.
  • I registered at BRU and have never had a problem with returning an item.  The only time I had a problem was when I tried returning something that I knew they sold, but got as a gift and wasn't on my registry.  They wouldn't let me return it because there was no proof of purchase at BRU.  If something is bought off your registry, you have a receipt or the cc it was purchased on or gift receipt returning with them is not a problem.  I've heard Target is a bear to deal with in regards to returns so I avoid making returns there like the plague (unless it's something I've bought).
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  • BRU stuff can be purchased at Toys R Us as well, in case they have one of those near by to them!!

    Target is a real PITA to deal with for returns!!! I would avoid if you possibly can. I had most of my stuff through BRU and a few from Pottery Barn kids.

    I have had friends that did stuff through Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart and even Sears and JC Pennys.

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  • I had the same issue. I wound up doing what someone else suggested - I registered for the "big stuff" at Buy Buy Baby (there is one in Springfield as well as Rockville), and registered for some very basic things that I would not feel the need to return (onesies) at Target (I also emphasized that Target gift cards would be great - since we shop there for more than just Baby stuff).



  • when you buy anything off the registry at BRU, they automatically give you a gift receipt and you can easily return items bought off your registry with a gift receipt, so that should not be a problem. As pp said, there is a Buy Buy Baby in Springfield. You can also tell your Mom that gift cards to Walmart, Target as well as the baby stores would be most welcome and she can hopefully pass that on.
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