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morning sickness

Hi all! Im a new member to the bump, and a new mommy to be. I am 13 weeks and 4 days and I have had a miserable/uncomfortable first trimester.  I thought that I would be in the clear by now, but I continue to vomit daily. My sickness was so severe, that I had to be put on zofran. (I was vomiting up to 5 times a day!) It helped, however, the symptoms did not go away. I continue to lose weight (however my doctor is not concerned) and have difficulty eating. Has anyone else experienced such a horrible first trimester? And is it unusual for me to still be vomiting? Please help! This is so new to me!

Re: morning sickness

  • sounds just like me!  My first tri I on average threw up 10-15 times a day! I was also put on Zofran but I still got sick.  The second tri it did ease up some with the throwing up but there were still bad days when I would get sick.  I am one month away from my due date and I still get sick sometimes(mostly at night).  I have learned what foods don't agree and I just try to stay away from them. 

    MY dr told me that it is common for woman to lose weight in their first tri so don't be too worried.  I also have days when I hardly want to eat at all because food just does not look or smell good.  It will all work out..just hang in there!

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  • I have not tried this... but someone recommended Papaya Pills (can be found at natural food stores) and she swore by these.

    I had only nausea and very little throwing up; zofran did help with it and mine were mostly at night too. I am 37 weeks now and I still get it sometimes, I have just learned to eat more protein to help settle my stomach.

    Then the usual, ice, ginger ale, stuff like that...

    Hope you feel better!

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