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No-nappin 2 month old


do you have any suggestions for a 2 month old that won't take more than a handful of 20min cat naps during the day???? ?We have tried everything...swing, vibrating chair, crib, laying on top of me....




Re: No-nappin 2 month old

  • are you trying to get him to nap every 90mins-2hrs? he may be too tired to sleep if he's awake for more than 2 hrs

    if you are already trying that, he is just a cat-napper. DD was a 30-min napper, exactly 30 mins, not 29, not 31. drove me crazy!

  • i'm not sure if it's too late to start with your DS, but until recently we had been following the E.A.S.Y routine for naps. we also swaddled for naps and used a paci. C usually does several 1 hour naps a day, though. If you're looking for advice on how to get those awesome multi-hour naps, i'm not the right person to ask!
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  • Our son slept much longer when he was swaddled.  I agree with PP about making sure he's not awake for more than an hour or two before you start measures to get him to sleep.  Also, IIRC at that age my son's naps weren't that regular, but he would sleep easily in his sling when I carried him that way.  Around 3 months, I started to notice I could get him to sleep more easily, longer, and more regularly by putting him in the swing or vibrating chair.

    The book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child is one I highly recommend.  The writing style is kind of scatter brained, but there is definitely a lot of great info in there.  The Happiest Baby on the block is another one that was immensely helpful in those early months (there is also a video).

  • Jacob was pretty much a catnapper until he was about 6 months old.  But around 4-10 weeks old, I could usually get him to take a good nap in the Bjorn.  It left my hands free and he liked being close to me.  Eventually he just got too big to carry around all day, but it worked for a while.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions! ?I hope that maybe this is just a phase or a reaction to the chaos of the holidays. ?He is a pretty decent sleeper at night, which I am thankful for!
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