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What to do for a 2 y/o bday party?

My son turns 2 in january and until yesterday I was going to do the party at my house like I did last year.  But I started thinking about what the kids are going to do.  The majority of kids will be the same age so they are still a little young for projects.  And the last 2 years it has been col and railny on his birthday, or I would rent a jumpy thing.  I thought about going to a Jumpy place, but I thought he may be a little young for that.  I need some help!  We live in baytown, so outside of houston.  I'm looking for something in this area or humble/kingwood.  thanks!



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Re: What to do for a 2 y/o bday party?

  • For my 2-year-old, we really kept it simple.  All the kids just wanted to play with *her* toys, because they are different than their toys.  So, that's what we did. 

    We let all the kids play in the playroom, then ate some pizza, OH, and we decorated cupcakes.  I had 5 different icing colors and sprinkles, so they decorated their own cupcake(s) after singing happy birthday.

    I think it went well.  I thought of doing further projects, but really wasn't necessary.  I think you're fine hosting in your home still.

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  • We did Pump It Up for DS' 2nd bday party. He and his friends were a good age for it, but needed some assistance on the bigger jumpy things. The guests ranged in from 18 months to 8 years and everyone had a great time, including some parents who jumped too. After experiencing the ease of having a party there, I hope to not have a bday party at my house ever again. :)  The money was worth it to me to not have to clean before and after the party, prepare food, etc. We brought our own cake and drinks and opted not to do any other food to keep costs down.
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