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ob-gyn recs at south shore hospital?

I've mostly been a lurker since joining the nest several years ago.... just found out I was pregnant on Christmas day- so happy!  I don't have an ob-gyn just a pcp- but know I want to deliver at South Shore Hospital-- does anyone have any recommendations for me... my plan right now is to confirm my pregnancy with my pcp (as soon as possible)- and then get a referral- but I don't just want to end up with anyone... should I "interview" ob-gyn's?  Sorry so many questions... I'm just very excited and eager to find a doctor I like.  Thanks in advance!

Re: ob-gyn recs at south shore hospital?

  • sorry- I just realized this was a "repeat" of a previous message. Hope everyone had a great christmas!
  • Hi!

    Crown OB/GYN delivered my baby. They were amazing!!! And they deliver at South Shore Hopital (also a great choice!!!) They are in Quincy, Brockton, and I think Pembroke. I went to the one in Quincy -- all of the doctors were great! Good luck and Congrats!

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  • I switched ob/gyn practices at about 12 weeks and now go to Crown Ob/gyn.  They are great for the most part.  I have tried to meet all the doctors for each appt. so I'm somewhat prepared when I go into labor, depending on who is on-call.  I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Saliba or Dr. Champion, but I think it was more just personality conflicts.  Everyone else has been awesome and very attentive to your needs/concerns. 
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  • Also, the ultrasound office is right across the hall at the Quincy office which is very convenient if you end up needing several like I have (weekly due to low amnio fluid).  The office staff over there is great too!
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  • Hi, I am due Aug 20th & delivering at SSH...I am presently going to Atrius Women's Health at Weymouth Woods in Weymouth and have Dr. Chen as my OB, she came highly recommended by a few Mom's I talked to...however I am changing this week over to South Shore Midwifery across from the Hospital as I have decided to deliver with a midwife as I am "attempting" to try a med-free labor and felt a midwife is a better fit for me...and unfort my office didn't have any midwives that are delivering right now...they also have a imaging center for ultrasound on the same floor...very convenient.

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