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Hi there!  Does anyone have any good Step Aerobics DVD suggestions?  I dropped my gym membership ages ago and thought it would be fun to start this at home.  I saw a Gold's Gym step at for about $30 and it was bigger than the Step brand I was going to buy that this week and a DVD or two to get started.





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Re: Step DVDs

  • I bought the Gold's Gym step at walmart and was SO disappointed in it.  If you are a true stepper (take the classes at the Y) you'll find that the step from walmart is a lot smaller.  I tried to work out on it and almost fell off of it a few times because I was use to the gym step!

    Also, the DVD that comes with it is awful!!!!  I LOVE step class because it feels like the time flies by but it wasn't worth my time.

    If you find a DVD that you like please let me know (I'm usually on the TTC board) because I have been looking everywhere with no such luck!

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