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Mommy and Baby exercises

One of my friends on Facebook keeps posting about this.  The way she talks about it seems as though it's common knowledge, but I have never heard of it.  Maybe it's b/c I am not in a city.

 She mentions doing some kind of workout with her baby.  Anybody know?  Is she going to a class or is it a video or is it something I can find on the internet?

Re: Mommy and Baby exercises

  • I did a yoga class once. It was nice, but got really hard once my daughter got older and more mobile. She wouldn't sit still. My work also used to have a strollercise class. I'm in a suburb but they have a lot of classes at the local rec centers and community centers geared toward it.


    Hope this helps!

  • I bought a Mom & Baby Fitness DVD from Target and really like it.  It is yoga & pilates for both. 
  • There is a StrollerStrides group that meets each morning at a local mall here. I'm thinking about trying an at-home yoga mommy & baby DVD.
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