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Shower for Baby #2

Ok... So I am currently at 28 weeks and my sister in law really wants to throw a shower for the new baby. I am worried thought that people will think that it is in poor taste.

I had my son 4 years ago and I was 18. We did not have a shower because it was already such a shock to everyone we were dealing with that and I was a nervous wreck without the pressure of answering everyones questions.

His Father and I got married this last year and we are having baby #2.

Just wondering what the general thought was on this.

PS= My husbands family is a super traditional Italian family, while mine is a lil more forward/ disfunctional.

Re: Shower for Baby #2

  • I say go for it, especially since you didn't have a shower for the first baby.  I don't see anything wrong with celebrating the arrival of a new baby. 
  • GO for it! You didn't have one with your first, that was 4 years ago, and she really wants to throw you one! I cant see why anyone would have a problem with this. My SIL is throwing me a small one for this baby and I had DS less than 2 years ago. None of my family seem to mind, as they're all excited to celebrate this baby too.?
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  • I'm not sure what super "traditional Italian" means.  If it is in from years should not be having a shower for your second baby.  Showers are "traditionally" for first time mothers only (which you are not).  If you SIL really wants to host a shower why don't you ask her to host a "meet the baby party" after your baby is born.  It's not like you really "need" anything since you've already had a child.  Obviously there are some things you might want new...but they can be given a couple of weeks after your baby is born just as well as before.  My DD didn't have her shower until after her DS was born (and it was her first baby!). 

    Now...if "tradional Italian" families DO provide showers for 2nd, 3rd, etc. babies then you are all set.  If you SIL wants to do it and she is your DH's sister then she should know how her family would respond to a shower for a 2nd baby.

  • How sweet of your SIL to want to do this for you.  You're correct that, even though it's her idea, it would reflect poorly on you.

    Why not ask if she'd be willing to host a no-gifts tea instead?  She gets to host a party, and it's entirely appropriate.

  • thanks everyone.?


    I think a meet the baby might be better. I really dont want anyone to think I am being greedy/selfish. Noone in my family would ever tell me to my face what they thought of it.. I would hear it at the end of the grapevine.


    I truly appreciate the fresh perspective?

  • Your situation is similar to mine...I had a shower for #2-it was nice, especially since I had a girl this time and got more than just the necessities (because that's all we could afford with #1).  My family is more traditional/conservative/religious and DH's family is the more disfunctional/understanding...hope this helps!
  • Have a shower and enjoy it. I had a shower for my first and now am 23 weeks pregnant with my second.  I know it is not kosher to have a 2nd shower but I really, really want one.  I'm bad; I know.
  • "You're correct that, even though it's her idea, it would reflect poorly on you."

    RoxyLynn: You are rude, rude, rude, lady!! Get your negative attitude and take a hike!

    I'm guessing that you take this approach because you have no friends...who the hell would want to be friends with someone who has such a piss-poor demeanor?!

    To the poster: go ahead and let your SIL throw you a nice party AND DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT!!! And congrats on your second baby, who's just as precious and worthy as your first!


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