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Postpartum Depression

Very scared - scary news

Holidays can be so hard, especially when anxious or depressed. I am hanging in there considering the extremely scary news we got on the 23rd. State blood screenings have indicated my son has a higher level than normal on one test that could indicate he has cystic fibrosis. So now we are waiting on genetic tests and also on Monday for when my OB reopens - I think I had a CF screening to check if I am a carrier. If I am not, there is no way Callum is sick but it's killing me to wait all weekend. Having my family hug me and tell me to "hang in there" did not help. I wanted to scream "Its not just that damnit! My son could be sick and he has a mother who is so anxious and depressed than the news almost crumbled her into a quavering heap of tears." I told my husband that all I want for Christmas is the test to come back with my baby being healthy. I am hoping and praying for that one Christmas miracle. This is not helping my PPD at all. I think I am going to go to counseling as well as the medications I take now. I am starting to wonder how much more I can take!

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  • I am so sorry to hear all this.  I will be wishing the best for you.  I know your family is trying to be supportive...but I also know advice like "hang in there" seems so trite and simplistic, there is no way it does all that you are feeling and going through any justice.  Really there is nothing anyone can say to make it better, IMO.  But knowing that you have people who care and will be there for you will hopefully give you some peace.

    It is good to hear you will be going counseling. 

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  • I had to have this same test for my daughter. My daughter is a preemie so it took longer to be able to have the test done. We tried 3 times and finally the 3rd time she was old enough to sweat for the test and it came back negative for the cystic fibrosis. I know when I got the first phone call from the state about the blood screening indicating that the blood tests were irregular. I hung up the phone and lost it... I just started crying my husband was just staring at me he had no idea what the phone call was about. I was a wreck till I finally got the good test results when she was 2.5 months old. Then I also cried this time out of happiness.

    It was the worst feeling being helpless and waiting. The chances that your LO has it is very very low that's what all the nurses told me. Just make the appointment as soon as you can and try not to worry so much as I told myself "it could be so much worse" I am not sure where you live and where you are going to go have the tests but I would recommend if you have a choice have it done at the children's hospital. I tried a small clinic the first 2 times and it was the worst experience ever. Last test was at the Indianapolis children's hospital and it was so much better the nurses were awesome and so nice.

    If you want to talk about it or have any questions feel free to contact me!


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