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1st Trimester

My Dr.Pepper tastes weird

like it has some sort of berry in it mixed with sprite or something along those lines. OR maybe I'm tasting more of the 23 flavors!

Lilypie - (fjc0)

Re: My Dr.Pepper tastes weird

  • I've had a diet coke before that tastes AWFUL! 
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  • That is too funny.  Some thing have tasted strange to me as well
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  • ha, i had this with orange soda in first tri. all of a sudden my fav fruity soda tasted SO bizarre! it tastes fine again now though? :)
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  • I made my employee taste it, she doesn't have this weird pregnancy thing going on, she says it tastes like there's lemonade in it. It doesn't taste bad just has a berry aftertaste! At least its not just me.

    Lilypie - (fjc0)

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