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Baby Practice Update

So this weeked went pretty well I didn't get much sleep. He cried every two hours and my partner didn't lift a finger Angry. I was pist so lets just say she is in the dog house. This weekend I really felt like a MOMMY! Baby pratice date number 2 is this weeked and it will be a little easy... Well I hope.

Re: Baby Practice Update

  • LOL. Yep, that is a crash course! :)  My partner used to hear them when they were tiny - but as they have gotten older she NEVER hears them.  When I moan about being the one who had to get up EVERY night (one of our kids woke every night from 10m-3.5 year when he finally either slept through the night or got up on his own and crawled into our bed) she would get defensive that I couldn't blame her for not waking and if I wanted her to get up, I should wake her. Pffffffttttttt. 

     Good luck this weekend!

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  • LOL Big Smile too funny 2brides I'm sure that will be me in the future.
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