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What are your thoughts about this healthcare reform and how it will affect the autism community? I am a little nervous about it because my state is already one that covers therapies for children with ASD and some of our providers stated that this new reform may put them out of business. These providers are hard to come by in our area, which makes me anxious.

Plus, I am afraid of the additional money our private insurance plan may end up costing us, or even put them out of business because of this. And, if they mandate employers to cover therapies, whose to say that the amount of coverage that they end up giving is affordable or sufficient. It is actually cheaper in the end for us to do the private plan versus if my dh's employer actually paid their part for ds therapies. Go figure.

I just like the way things are now and wish all states could have their own reforms like Indiana when it comes to autism. But, making this into this big federal thing, scares the dickens out of me.  

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  • That's what I needed to hear. Thanks Auntie. You are right, we are so focused on the now, the little boy with ASD, that we didn't really think about his future, as an adult. I just get a little nervous with change when had just finally found something that worked for us.
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