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Who's having the next baby(ies)?

Who are the next few most recent "additions to be"?

We have one overdue.. unless she had her baby..

Then is it Abba?  I know.. I should look at the list..  but I'd love to hear from the ladies who are getting close to their EDDs - how are you guys doing?

Re: Who's having the next baby(ies)?

  • I think I'm next - due 1/9 but I have a c/s scheduled for 1/2. Abba's due date is a couple of days after mine - 1/12??

    I had a very rough day yesterday...I was so uncomfortable and had trouble breathing while I was sitting down. I think it has something to do with her being breech - because her head is up above my rib cage and it gets really tight and painful.

    I'm pretty paranoid that she is going to come early - which defeats the big bonus of a scheduled c/s...since we have no family in town to watch Evan on short notice.

    I am counting down the full night sleeps (minus the 4am pee) until I start this all over. I am really hoping this little girl takes it easier on me than DS did.

  • yep I'm second in line...I'm so feet are round like sausages and the carpal tunel wrist things worked for a couple of days...the fire and pain is back with the splints- so I'm really not sleeping...and when i do- it on the couch cause I cant get out of bed without help and I feel bad waking DH...

    I still have laundry and I cant find a bag to use for the hospital...My hips are killing me...

    I'm pretty much a hot mess..LOL but I cant wait to snuggle my little boy!! 

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