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Finger foods for baby with a milk allergy?

I feel like I have looked at the labels of all the Gerber/typical snacks and the only thing I can find that doesn't have milk or whey in it are the puffs. Does anyone know any other finger foods/snacks that do not have traces of milk or whey? I thought about looking at a whole foods store, but I don't know if they will have anything either. TIA

Re: Finger foods for baby with a milk allergy?

  • Check out the HappyBaby line. It is excellent. They are sold at Target and at Whole Foods. Their puffs are dairy, soy and whey free, as are most of their other products (excluding things like yogurt melts, obviously). I think their puffs taste way better than Gerber, and they come in a bigger container and have half the sugar.

    They also have something called HappyTot, which is baby food in a squeezy pouch. So much fun for my kiddo to eat out of - she can squeeze it into her mouth on her own. Also dairy and soy and whey free.

    You should also try out things like rice and millet puffs. Those were a huge hit with DD.  

    Whole Foods has quite a few dairy and whey free snacks. Just take a look around.  

  • I would definitely check out whole foods!


    DS doesn't have allergies, but he eats a lot of veggies as finger foods. So far he has had peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans. He's also had rice and cooked egg yolks. You can make anything a finger food really lol.  

  • just curious if your lo is still showing signs of allergy/intolerance. my lo was put on nutramigen at 4 months and i have avoided all dairy/soy since. i am paranoid about introducing new foods other than fruits/veg but he will be 1 next month and i know he should be eating more table foods. i am hopeful that he has outgrown this intolerance, but am so reluctant to try processed foods. also, if you were able to transition to milk how did that go? if not, what are you doing? sorry to ask so many questions, but i would appreciate any advice!
  • Luckily, she can tolerate soy and we didn't have to go to Nutramigen. DD's allergy is mild, really just a skin rash and a little fussy. But I have tried finger foods with milk in them, and all of them cause her to react. They say that most babies grow out of it by a year, and I really hope that's the truth.
  • How about just REALLY steamed veggies, like carrots or green beans? They're soft enough for LO to eat safely, but still "finger-food" sized.
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