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Baby practice

So all my cousins had baby this year. So I have completely been jealous of it all. But Yesterday I thought to my self why not get one of the babies each weekend and see how it will be and what to expect when we have ours. So this weekend will be pratctice date 1 and I'll have one the next four weeks wish me luck this weekend is the fuss pot! Big Smile

Re: Baby practice

  • Cute idea! And I bet your cousins will really appreciate the break.  Maybe starting with the fuss pot first is a good thing - it can only get better next week, right? ;-)

  • How fun!  I wish somebody would give me a baby for the weekend ;-) Good luck!
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  • Need a couple of preschoolers to practice on? Stick out tongue  The parents must be ecstatic to have a free weekend (I know I would!)

    Keep in mind while the practice will be good - in a lot of ways it is easier with your own child. You've learned the tricks for your child (how they want to be held, what they want/don't want based on cries, etc.)  But then again, when you are borrowing, you can give them back! Smile

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  • Exciting. Enjoy the baby time!
  • LOL your right I can give them back.
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