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How Many Layers?

How many layers do you put LO in for bedtime in the winter? We've been putting DD in a footed sleeper (sometimes thin, sometimes a heavy one) and a fleece sleep sack. I just wonder if shes warm enough. She went down over an hour ago and just woke up fussing and almost grunting-I know she's not hungry so I wonder if shes warm enough since its so cold outside tonight. Her room is a little cool and we have the humidifier in there which makes it cooler as well. Thoughts?

Re: How Many Layers?

  • I also would like to know.  We put her in a footed sleeper (the terry cloth kind from carters) and a swaddleme.  In the morning her chest and back and arms are warm, but her legs are cold to the touch.  Her face is also cold to the touch, but I don't know that that matters much.  We have a thermometer in her room and it is 69 degrees in there at night, and never below 68, so she shouldn't be cold, but I wonder if it is bc she is so swaddled and her legs don't move enough and that is why they are cold.
  • I was just thinking about this since its so cold tonight.  Usually we put DD in fleecy footie pj's and then in her fleece sleep sack.  She's always nice and toasty in the morning, and her room is the coldest in the house.

    Tonight though, I put a cotton onesie on her under the pj's, just to add another little layer. 

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  • We have a thermometer thing in Evan's it's usually about 67-68 degrees in there (he's in the coldest room of the house so we have to keep our reg heat up to get it to that point - I'm only covered with a sheet and DH has the sheet and a thin blanket)

    Anyway...we have him in two full layers. His under layer is usually a long sleeved onesie and cotton pants (either pj bottoms or those plain Carters cotton pants) and the outer is either sweatpants and (hoodless) sweatshirt or fleece footed pjs. If he's in the sweatsuit he is doubled socked, if the footed fleece he only has one pair on.  

  • I dress Evan in a long sleeve cotton bodysuit and fleece pj's. sometimes I will leave socks on him too... his toes are always cold in the morning!
  • Either a SS onesie, cotton footed PJs and a LS fleece sleep sack (actual sleep sack by the swaddleme people, not a carters one)......or

    ......a LS onesie, fleece footed PJs, and a sleeveless fleece halo sleep sack.

    His toes are sometimes cool when he wakes, and now that he sleeps on his belly his hands are always toasting from tucking them under his little face.

    He has been sleeping AWESOME, so I think he is comfortable!

  • Usually I put him in fleece feetie pjs with a ss tshirt under. we cover him with a crocheted blanket and then his Handy Manny fleece blanket. He squirms around alot but I usually just re-cover him up before I fall asleep around 11:30.
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  • He has been sleeping in a cotton/thermal gown with fleece sleepsack.  We tried socks on with no success, but his toes are warm when he gets up.  The house is 68.  We also have the plastic wrap on his windows as well as the energy saving/light reducing curtains.  He has been sleeping great and wakes up every morning toasty, so I would assume that this is enough.
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  • Oh, and he sleeps on a fleece fitted sheet...
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  • Hmm, maybe I should put something else on her since her legs are always cold.  I worry about overheating though bc of sids.
  • She may be cold. I know Ian gets fussy and cries when it's too cold for him.

    It was easy when he was younger because he didn't move at all when he slept until about 7 months. Last winter, we'd put him in a onesie, blanket sleeper, then cover him with a cotton fleece blanket and he was fine. This winter since he's all over the crib, we put him in a 2-piece set of cotton pj's, then a blanket sleeper, and cover him with a couple fleece blankets.

  • I think about DH and I at night and I wear pj's, then we're are covered in a sheet, blanket, and then comforter and our whole body is covered whereas poor T's arm's are uncovered and she's only got one layer over her pj's and our house is a cool house. And everything you read says dress a newborn in what you're wearing plus one layer.

    So we always put her in a long sleve undershirt onesie(cuz i worry about her arms being cold) then a heavy velour or fleece footed sleeper, a cotton hat/cap and then a fleece sleep sack.They loose so much heat through their heads and T's head always feels cool at night so she never goes to sleep without one. Her head and arms are what I worry about getting cold the most, seeing as the rest of her body is what's covered by the sleep sack. Her room felt really cool the week she started sleeping in there so I was putting two fleece sleep sacks on her (the top one was a larger size) and then DH decided to bring in a space heater (the safe kind...the ones that look like the old radiators) so since we've had that she's back to just one sleep sack.

    They do make long sleeve sleep sacks too, which we have a couple of.....just a pain to get her in and out of.

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  • oh and socks on under her sleeper most of the time. Her feet are cold all the time!
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