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I just wanted to say that I think its totally normal to be apprehensive about trying for #2.  We are starting TTC this cycle and while I am ready for #2 I am also terrified. 

I was never on bed rest but after going through the NICU experiance I'm scared it will happen again.  DH and I talk alot about what we will do if it does happen and what we are doing with the OB to help prevent it, and how exciting it will be if we get a somewhat normal delivery.

Even though I am still scared I want a baby more than the fear.  Last month I didn't feel that confident about it so we waited and now I'm ready.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I understand a portion of where you are coming from and wish you luck as you figure out how to get to the place where you are ready again.

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    Thank you! It's really nice to know I'm not alone. DH and I have some things to get in order/figure out before its really a feasable option to TTC again, but I think it will be before we originally said we wanted to TTC.

    It's just so confusing to go through the reasons behind wanting another kid. Is it because Logan is growing up, missing the newborn days, or because we truly want to add to our family. And obviously no one but DH and I can make that decision!

    So good luck to you guys in TTC#2! I hope it comes quickly for you, and who knows, I may not be far behind you some day!

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