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When did your LO go from two naps to one? I am dreading this day so I want to be mentally prepared.

I think my nephew is ready to drop his (he's about 18mo) because my sister says he is getting up at 4-5 I'm thinking if she helps him drop that nap then he will sleep longer in the am. We kinda had to force Evan to drop his 3rd nap since he was still taking one at like 10 months.

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  • Funny that you should ask this today.  I JUST got an e-mail from my sitter that my son hasn't been falling asleep right away when she puts him down for his morning nap.  And I've noticed from the notes she gives us that the morning nap has been getting shorter and shorter.  She ended up getting him up this morning and he was fine without the nap.  She's going to see how he does with the afternoon nap today.  He normally sleeps a few hours but it may be longer today without the AM nap.  I may just tell her to cut out the AM nap now. 
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  • Eva dropped to one nap when she was 8 months old- I almost died!  But it ended up being a good thing.  She would take 2 30-45 min. naps and when she dropped to one, it turned into a nice 2-3 hour one.  I am able to get so much more done now while she's napping- it's a great break for both of us.
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  • Gavin took two naps a day at the sitters until we moved, which was when he was 14 months.  He never napped well for me at I never got two naps.  He finally started napping well at 15 months when we started CIO.  But, since then he's only taken 1 nap a day, and its usually in the morning/early afternoon.  If he has had a rough night or woke up early for some reason, he might take a later nap like at 4, but I only let him sleep about 30-45 minutes.
  • We switched to one at 12 months.  She was pushing the afternoon nap later and later, and sometimes wouldn't start it until 4pm.  Since I didn't want to disrupt bedtime, we just dropped it.  It was very easy for us, but Rosie has always been great with missing sleep and not being cranky from it.
  • I think he was about 14 months. Sad that I can't remember now. As for dropping a nap to sleep later - did not work for us at all. Also, he's an awesome sleeper at daycare - between 2 1/2 and 3 hours usually - but we're lucky to get 2 hours out of him at home, even if we did run him ragged all morning.
  • It was right around 18 months or so, but Emily likes her sleep.  She still takes a good 2 hour nap most days now and she's 3
  • G has never been a good napper- never really longer than 1 hour.  She dropped down to 1 afternoon nap around nine months while at daycare and when DH or MIL watches her; I usually get her to take 2 even now but the morning one is short. 
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