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I've seen a couple of older posts that say something about wanting to meet other Columbia area moms, but not really anything more than that.  I met some of my best friends on the Knot when I was planning my wedding, but over the last 4 years, we've been spread out around the country. I'd love to meet some other ladies who have (or are about to have) children.  If anyone is interested let me know.

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  • I would be interested in meeting other Columbia moms. I will be a SAHM starting in mid-Feb. so it will be easier for me to meet up with people then. Hopefully some others will respond to this thread and we can get a group together.

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  • Hello! 
    I would love to join a local mom group.
    Where in Columbia is everyone?  I'm up in the NE corner.
    I was also thinking about starting up prenatal yoga somewhere.
    Anyone have any great suggestions for where?

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  • Hi Ladies!

       Congrats to everyone.  My husband and I are new to Columbia (our jobs brought us here) and newly pregnant (7 weeks).  I would love to join a Cola group.  Let's figure it out!

  • I'm in Blythewood; I'd be interested in a meetup if it's in the NE side/Blythewood area.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • Count me in as well!  My husband and I moved here in 2007 so he could attend law school.  I had a ton of knotie friends as well but am new to The Bump.  I'm 16 weeks.
  • Good morning!
    I am up for meeting somewhere! Stef my husband is currently a 2L at USC and so I am sure you can relate to the whole law student wife status. I am currently 25 weeeks and would love to get a group going! I think a coffee house would be a great place to meet (Cool Beans, Starbucks on Gervais, etc.) though the caffine might be a little enticing! Weekends and evenings anytime after 6 are good for me! My emaill is [email protected] if anyone wants to contact me I would love to meet up sometime!

  • Hey, count me in too.  I am not sure who is heading things up, but maybe it is just easier to give out email addys.  Mine is [email protected]  I live near Sandhills (East side Columbia) and I am currently 26 weeks.  I have only been here since Halloween, so I don't know anyone around town. 
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