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Just for the heck of it....(I know I just did this a year ago - but I never even opened my suitcase until I got dressed to go home) So about 99% of what I brought went unused.

What did you actually use out of your bag - for you, DH and the baby?? Anyone with 2 bring (or plan to bring) anything for when #1 visits?

Re: Hospital Bag

  • I didn't use anything from my bag either, except my robe and slippers. I brought makeup and my flat iron (i don't know what I was thinking, I didn't even wash my hair while i was there!!)

    DH used a change of clothes, but he went home a couple of times to shower and change. I brought him a bunch of snacks, which he and my dad ate most of.

  • Haha - I brought makeup and hair stuff too. Thinking - I want to look decent in photos!) Um...didn't happen - I didn't wash or even brush my hair. Maybe this time? : )
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  • the only things i used..

    vitamins, snacks, toothbrush, makeup, hair ties, nursing tank, book.  also crocs which double as shower shoes.

    didnt use the other stuff, inc the boppy.

  • I used everything except the ipod.  I used my makeup and flat iron, robe, slippers, pj pants, tank.
  • I used:  going home outfit (me and baby), flip flops for the shower, old slippers for in the room, nursing bra, snacks, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, soap, camera, cell phone/charger, my own pillow.

     I stayed in the hospital gown the entire time-I could have cared less what I looked like! People know you're in the hospital so I don't think they expect you to be glammed up when they visit.

  • I packed all of my hygiene stuff again because I remember how good it felt to finally take a shower.  I feel like I didn't overpack this time.  I have some comfy PJ's, the baby's coming home outfit (actually two-different sizes) and all of my nursing tanks and bras.  I'm also bringing a magazine.
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  • For me, it might be different as I had to stay in the hospital for a week due to my BP and E's jaundice.  I wore maternity yoga pants every day and a nursing tank/top/bra.  I showered every day (I think) so I used my toiletries from home.  I also had a "light flow" after the first few days, so I had my Mom bring me thin pads.  Oh, and flip flops.  I also brought snacks for DH, but wish that I had brought more, as he almost passed out while I was pushing (not because of what he saw, but low blood sugar), because he refused to eat anything other than the candy bars. 

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  • I used my hoodie as a robe, flip flops, and toiletries. We through in shorts and a t-shirt for DH to sleep in, and he went home every morning to shower and check on the cat. I did use my iPod for a little while, but was so drugged up that I just wanted to sleep (was on magnesium sulfate for 2 days because of high bp). Camera and cell phone with chargers. Go-home outfit for me and ds. That's about it.

    ETA: I did bring a pillow with an old flannel pillowcase on it. Was so much more comfy than the scratchy hospital pillowcases.

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