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caught a mouse

This morning.. while getting ready for work/daycare.. the cat started rumbling after something in our recycling.  My wife says "are you chasing a bug" and then screams and jumps across the kitchen.. it was a mouse. 

Meanwhile.. Benji (almost 3 year old) is watching Tom and Jerry.  I am a dork and went and got him so he could see "the real Jerry".  Hmmm.. the cat is prowling and my wife is standing on a chair holding a broom.. it was GREAT.  

We ended up putting the cat in a bedroom and putting out a no-kill trap with a little snack of peanut butter on a cracker out and hoping for the best (i.e. all three of us staring at it).  The little bugger went into the trap all by himself.. go figure!  We brought him outside to let him go.. he's probably happy and warm back in our basement now.. but at least we tried.. :)

Benji wasn't impressed.. it didn't look like Jerry.

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  • imageduckie19:

    Benji wasn't impressed.. it didn't look like Jerry.


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  • Ha! Talk about an exciting morning. BTW, I love your son's name.
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  • I loved it!  My DP used to be an animal control officer so I had to read the story to her.  She enjoyed it.  We both enjoy good stories with our little ones being part of it.  Ahh.. the joy of it!  Glad you're back on the bump and sharing these wonderful memories!  ((Hugs!)) 

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