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Swine flu vax recall?

Ok, seriously?! At least its not a "dangerous" recall, but they think it isn't potent enough to be effective. WTF.

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Re: Swine flu vax recall?

  • We didn't get Evan vaccinated - but thank God it isn't a dangerous recall!!!
  • Oh good lord....Justin had his first shot last month.  I hope they don't tell us next that there's another recall and it IS dangerous!!   It took me so long to make a decision about the vaccine because of this possibility.
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  • Oy.. Eve hasn't gotten hers yet.. we're supposedly on the waiting list at the drs office.. I thought we'd hear something last week after the new batches were coming in everywhere.  There are 2 babies on the other board that I go on that got the flu shot and the H1N1 shot. One definitely still got H1N1 (it was very shortly after he got the shot though, so he might have not built up enough immunity yet or got it before he got the shot) and one got a regular flu still. I mean obviously these things happen.. but it still stinks!
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