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How do you know if your child has a dairy allergy?

My son is on lactose free formula and seems to be doing better on that but I know it's still milk based. He had a lot of EBM yesterday and then had terrible pain in the evening. I'm thinking of pumping and freezing my milk in the meantime and seeing if his gas gets better just on formula.

How did you know to go dairy free?

Re: How do you know if your child has a dairy allergy?

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    Trail and error. I took turns cutting certain things out of my diet to see which reduced the gas and fussiness. 
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    I agree with pp. Try cutting it out for a few days and then put it back in to see if he gets gassy. Our lo gets really stuffy if I eat dairy. I saw a difference with in a week once I cut dairy out.
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    My friend knew her daughter was allergic to milk because she BFed an hour after eating cereal and milk and the poor baby broke out in hives!  They used a baby lotion that had milk in it and again hives.

    Her daughter is 18th months old now and she still can't even touch cheese.

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