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solids question

When do I stop offering his solids after BF'ing and start feeding him "meals"? He is full from milk and only eats a little cereal/fruit or veggie. Can I bf him, and 1/2 between that and his next feeding give him a meal?

Is there much difference between stage 1 and 2 besides size of jar? I made some things, but also got jars (Earths best and Gerber). I hate to pay for the itty bitty stage 1 jars if it is the same! I gave him stage 2 pears and he did just fine.

I have been doing 1 new food a week, he is fine so far. Can I up it to something new every 3 days now?


Re: solids question

  • Here is Evan's approx am schedule from that age:

    Wake at 8 - bottle

    Breakfast at 9:30 - before nap @ 10:15

    Wake from nap @ 11:00 - bottle

    We started breakfast @ 4 mo, lunch at 6 mo and dinner at 8 mo. We didn't feed him right before sleep - we fed when he woke (eat-play-sleep)

    I'm pretty sure the only difference between the stage foods is the type of foods (as in certain foods that shouldn't be given too early are in the later stages) and the texture. I made Evan's baby food so I'm not 100% sure. He did have earths best sometimes - while we were travelling - and the stage 3 had big bits of pasta or veggies in it.



  • I think the only difference in the stage 1 and 2 is the size... a lot of the foods are the same. It seems to be a marketing ploy to get us to spend more $ on less product!

    We started Evan on cereal at 5 months, and just started giving him dinner a few weeks ago. He eats breakfast (fruit & oatmeal) about an hour after his morning nursing, and then he usually has a bottle around 4, dinner (veggie) at 5:30-6 and his final BF/bottle at 7-7:30. He always eats every last drop of food... this morning he ate almost a whole banana! He is for sure a good eater!

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