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my husband wants me to get a perm


Ok, I have been growing my hair out after chopping it after DD was born.  It is now a few inches past my shoulders.  I like the look of big loose curls, that cannot be achieved with a perm right? All I can envision is a poodle looking awful hairdo

Re: my husband wants me to get a perm

  • I would tell him that they stopped offering perms in the '80's. ;p
  • Don't do it!  I don't think you can get the big loose curls from a perm. 
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  • yeah, for big loose curls your best bet is a big curling iron or hot rollers.

    i was a hair stylist and perms were my most hated thing to do and i always discouraged people from getting them when i could.  i just don't think they acheive the look most people think they will or want them to.

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  • Don't do it. ?Yikes.

    And at first I thought your title said "my husband wants to get a perm" and I almost died.?

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  • I will show him this.  I always tells me to get one when I complain about how long it takes to curl my super thick hair when we go out.  Guys do not understand.

    And no, thank goodness he does not want a perm, but he did want to get frosted tips....ummm no.  I also have to check his clothes before he leaves, you never know what he might put together

  • PS - you could get a relaxer to make your thick hair more manageable - I did and its made a world of difference!
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  • Why not just by a $5 diffuser and a really good $15 bottle of curl product? My hair looks plenty curly with that, and I wouldn't dream of a perm. That's so much damage. My hair's not curly, but I can make it look naturally curly.

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  • they do offer them with big loose curls. a friend of mine gets perms like that. perms have advanced a lot since the 80s.
  • image1MusicMaker:
    I would tell him that they stopped offering perms in the '80's. ;p

    well thats not true ;) i had one in the 90's

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  • My friend who is Asian gets a loose perm (not sure exactly what it's called) but it really only helps to hold the curl when she curls it herself, she still has to do the work but at least the curl doesn't fall out 5 minutes later!

    But please please don't get one of those crazy 80's-style perms that fry out your hair.  Those are awful. 


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  • Um if you get a perm make sure you go to someone that KNOWS what you want.  DO not settle.  I also wanted the wavy big curls not tight poodle curls a few years ago.  I had it done, and it was HORRIBLE.  It was tight and poodle type perm.  She used perming rods instead of the big rollers.  OMG biggest mistake ever.  I ended up chopping off 12 inches after DS was born.  It's been almost 2 years and I just now got all of it off. 

    Invest in some hot curlers put them in, in the AM and you should get some nice waves.

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