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Holy Crap

the nurse gave us 2 "CONGRATULATIONS" today!!

It's official! We are pregnant!!! Our beta today was 80, and she was very excited about it. Almost tripled again!

We have our first sonogram on the 28th...I was hoping to get in before Christmas, but oh well.

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes, I just know you guys had a part in this Christmas miracle!!

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Nov 2009 - Clomid 50mg/ Ovidrel/IUI #9 = BFP
Beta 12/4 - 10...Beta #2 12/7- 28 Beta #3 12/9 - 80!
1st sonogram 12/28 - slow hb and growth
m/c 1/1/2010 Courtland 8w0d
Nov 2010 cycle cancelled - polyp removal/hysteroscopy
April 4 2011 - IUI #10 BFFN
July 5, 2011 - #11 BFFN AMH .62 Boo

Re: Holy Crap

  • congratulations!!!Smile
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  • Yay! Yay! Yay! Congrats to both the mama's-to-be!
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  • So awesome! Congratulations!!

  • What wonderful news!!!!!  Congratulations!!  H&H 9 months :-D
  • Oh my Gosh!!! That is terrific!!!!  We're thrilled for you two!  Way to go!  Stick little one!!!  

     Oh.. it just made me tear up.. I'm so happy for you guys!  I'm glad it stick the first time around.... now we need to send sticky baby vibes!! 

    ~~Stick around little one and grow healthy!!~~  

  • Congratulations!!! What wonderful news!!!!!!!!!
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  • Congratulations!!!
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  • Fantastic! Congratulations!! What a perfect gift for the holidays! Smile
    married 03/08/08 -- ttc with PCOS (dx 2005) & DS
    IUI #3 gave us the best 2nd anniv. gift ever: 2 babies! (born 03/09/10)
    Peanut and Little Man are getting so big! 2 years old already!
    finally blogging again at This Will Be: An Adventure
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!!! That is fantastic!

  • Coming in late here - but I had been thinking about you and looked back to see your 3rd beta number - yahoo!  Congratulations!
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