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Germs gripe and question

A close family friend was over the other day and she said she "didn't think babies could get sick for like 6 months".  WTH!!

She isn't germy or anything but I wish she'd take more caution.. like washing hands, and she is the one that shares food with my DD (like off her spoon or taking a bite of pizza and then offering it to DD).

People just never cease to amaze me.. I mean I know BFing helps with immunity but it doesn't make babies invincible.  

So on this topic.. what has your pedi said about germs and your infant?  Like to be super careful for a particular amount of time?  Not to expose them at all for x amount of time?

Re: Germs gripe and question

  • Our pedi never said anything.  But we have people wash their hands or purell before holding DD.  Sometimes I miss someone (like at family gatherings when she is passed around) and I just clench my teeth and hope for the best.  I am more worried about germs than dirt though, that doesn't bother me at all.  Like if the binky drops I just check it for dog hair or visible junk before popping it back in her mouth.
  • I'm super worried about this and always feel like people think I"m being freak when I want them to purell or wash their hands before handling DD, especially because she's not a newborn now so they think it's not needed. We asked our Dr. about how careful we need to be right now. He told us just to be smart and avoid taking her out in public where it's super crowded with people. He said if we have to take her out try to go to restaurants and stores when it's not busy. He said he's more worried about her being at family or friend gatherings, because like you said she'd be passed around and touched by lots of people and although they may look fine or feel fine that day they may be coming down with something and not know it.
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  • When Eve was born, the pedi (who is old and crazy) told me to severely limit her contact with the outside world for (no lie) 28 days.. because if she had a fever before that it would be very serious. i'm not sure what it is about day 29 that would have made her more immune or strong.. We switched pedis. this was amongst the reasons why.

    I'm super laid back about this stuff.. Eve has only been REALLY sick once, and she got it from me.. and whatever it was was super contagious because all my coworkers got it and then my mom got it from changing Eve's diaper. She had a little bit of a cold too. but nothing serious.

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