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Need an opinion

Do you think my siggy pic would be a good/cute photo card? I like the photo but I'm leary b/c he's only in his diaper.  I don't know why I think it's weird.  I'm going to keep trying this week and weekend for a better pic but it doesn't seem like he wants to cooperate this time.

Re: Need an opinion

  • I think that's an AWESOME xmas card pic! He's little enough that a diaper pic is appropriate.

    ( I totally understand what you mean- aka my post about Justin being in the tub for his Xmas pic)

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  • Its adorable.. And its totally fine that he's in his diaper. He's a baby..and the red diaper is PERFECT.
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  • Super cute, and totally not inappropriate. It's funny how we are all trying to get cute pics for xmas cards. I'm planning on a photo shoot when Evan wakes up from his nap!


  • I love that pic. It is adorable. The picture we are using for our Christmas cards is in my siggy. She's in just her diaper, but also has the stocking on. I think he is young enough that the diaper will be fine.
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  • I think the picture is absolutely adorable and not inappropriate.  Him being in a diaper is definitely not the first thing I noticed when I saw the picture, and he is so young I don't think it matters.
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  • That's such a cute picture!!!!!  I would use it.
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  • I would use it too!
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