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Don't understand this ultrasound things!! HELP

I had a 3D ultrasound done the other day while visiting a friend in Ohio where she had one done to at a clinic. Today I was reading the measurments on the print up and I wasn't sure what certain things ment. Here are the following:

AGE(1st set of numbers) RANGE(2nd set of numbers)

BPD(HADLOCK): 19W 3D----------->18W 2D-20W 5D;

OFD(HC): nothing recorded on the ultrasound;


HC(HADLOCK): 19W 6D--------------->18W 5D-21W 0D;

HC*(HADLOCK): 19W 3D--------------->18W 2D- 20W 5D;

AC(HADLOCK): 21W 0D-----------------> 20W 1D-21W 6D;

FL(HADLOCK): 21W 0D------------------>19W 4D-22W 2D;

Now what scares me is that all but the HC with the * next to it all says AVG. and have a checkmark next to them while that one doesn't. Does that mean something is wrong? The tech lady said everything was growing great and everything on our lil girl looks great, but it just kinda scares me. Tomorrow I go for a routine ultrasound and my DR's office,so I could always ask, but right now, it's on my mind and I was just wondering. Thanks for any help!!

Re: Don't understand this ultrasound things!! HELP

  • i think its fine, It is well within the "range". The range is what the measurment SHOULD be with in.. and your number is perfectly in the middle. HC is head circumfrence.. not sure why there is 2 measurements for that.. maybe they did it twice for some reason to recheck.. and they only used the first measurement?

    I am sure its totally fine no matter what though.. Unless its like WEEKS off, it doesn't mean anything is wrong. 


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