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Anyone have shorter cycles PP?

I got my first PP AF last month.. before I was ever on BCP I always had 29 day cycles.. After coming off BCP, my cycles never really regulated, but they ranged from 32-42 days.

I just got AF tonight.. my cycle was only 26 days!

Is it just a fluke? I wish my body could just make up its mind... I was seriously not expecting AF for at least another week... I was just expecting long cycles again.
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Re: Anyone have shorter cycles PP?

  • I had this too. And they gradually got longer each month until I was back to normal.
  • Mine was 28 days for two months...then jumped to 40+ days for the next few. My last one must have been around 24-26 days since I got pregnant from sex VERY early in my cycle.
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  • When I was on bcp i was exactly 28-30 days.  Now I don't really pay atteniton but I swear I just had it 2 weeks ago and now I have it again
  • Before I had DD, I had a 30-40 day cycle that was irregular. My first few PP cycles were really irregular, but now it's exactly 28 days long.
  • Mine were very irregular once they started, but I was still nursing.  Sometimes I'd have two periods a month, other times I'd skip a month or two.  Once G weaned, they got back to their normal length, but they were much heavier than I was used to. 
  • My 1st 2 were like clockwork 28 days... then nothing for almost 50 days. Now I swear to God I feel like I have it all the time. I'd say it's like 25/26 day cycles now.
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  • Mine was wacky, too. Before getting pg, mine was always clockwork. After, it went from 26-32 days for almost a year before finally levelling out.
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