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Ovidrel vs Pregnyl

I have heard of Ovidrel before, but my RE prescribed Pregnyl. Has anyone used this before and what is the difference? The information that I found seems like Ovidrel would be the better choice? Im confused.
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Re: Ovidrel vs Pregnyl

  • I have always used Ovidrel, but during my consult with CCRM, Dr. Minjarez mentioned that she doesn't like Ovidrel because it yields fewer mature eggs than Pregnyl, which is what she would have used with me.

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  • the only thing I know is Pregnyl can be very difficult to get..DH is on it (no gasps necessary) but we inject HCG to increase testosterone...well it is like $32.00/month of injections...Novarel is the same med as Pregnyl. We get that when we can't get the pregnyl b.c the manufacturer has it on backorder. Novarel cost $280.00

    However, I have only used Ovidrel for my IUI's

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