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craving beanie weenies

You know you're pregnant when you crave beanie weenies...and what did I forget to get at the store yesterday??  That's right.  The stupid beanie weenies.  Now I have to get out and get them and it's cold and rainy.

Sorry for being whiny but just once I'd like to crave something that I have at the house and don't have to go out and buy.

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Re: craving beanie weenies

  • LOL! That is one of those things you crave and then regret about 30 mins after eating when you feel sick.  Enjoy and I hope it isn't raining too bad!

    Gabrielle Marie 5/14/08 Wesley Jame 5/5/10
  • *hides the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the stuffed olives I got shopping on Sunday*
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  • DH bought a HUGE box of lucky charms when he went shopping. I love that guy.
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