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Gymnastics/Dance teacher gifts?

Do you give gifts for teachers your child goes to once a week? If so, what or how much of a gift card?  DD goes to gymnastics for 45 min once a week.  Thanks

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  • Yes, Dd goes 1x per week for the same amount of time.  She gives them a gift a Christmas and at the end of the year.  We do a 25$ gift card for each teacher (2). 
  • for the 2 assistants in Halees dance class- different lip glosses, lotions, soaps, nail files, pedi kit and candies (these girls are 12 and 13)

    for the dance teacher, and both gymanstics coaches difuser set, candies and a $20 gift card

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  • I do something little.  Like a little box of stationary printed with Degas' ballerinas. 
  • would $10 or $20 be ok or seem cheap?
  • I think $10 is fine.  A lot of the kids in DDs' classes don't give anything or just give a card. 

  • Last year I let my dd pick out an ornament for her dance teacher. 
  • DD#1 goes to dance once a week for an hour.  I'm giving her teacher homemade cookies in a cute tin bucket thingy, mint chocolate coffee and a GC to Starbucks.  If Costco has them again (last year they had 5 for $80), I'll get $20 GC, otherwise, I do $15.  Yes, I am cheap.  We have lots of teachers to buy for.  DD#1 has two teachers at her preschool (two days a week, 5 hours each day) and DD#2 has three teachers (same school).  They also have a music/gym teacher that they each see for 30-45 minutes each of the two days plus two directors at the school.  Those plus the dance teacher make for 9 people to buy for.  Last year we just had the three at school plus a Kindermusik teacher and we did $15 GC to Starbucks and the homemade goodies.  The directors and music/gym teacher only got homemade goodies.  This year, no idea what to do, but with so many we can't afford much more than that. 
  • Someone posted this burts bees product grab bag the other day.  It seems like a really good deal and you could break it up and make several gifts out of it!


  • I will do $20 for her dance teacher. Her swim teacher who has been her swim teacher for almost 3 years will get a bigger gift. I am doing a night out bucket with margarita mix, glasses, and a GC to a mexican resturant. She is single and 28, I know by her FB account the girl likes to party:)

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  • I think any gift is nice.  I woudln't worry about the amount at all. Give what you can give.  I'm doing very small gc for the volunteer grandmothers at dd's school.  I'm doing 5 dollar ones.  I figure it will buy a coffe and muffin or something at dunkin donuts. 
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