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Bathing baby-frequency?

We are bathing LO 3 times per week, this is what was done in the NICU so we just continue following that schedule. How often are you bathing LO?

Re: Bathing baby-frequency?

  • we do it around 3 times per week also.
  • basically every other day

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  • we bathe DS everynight, and follow that up with a baby massage with some lotion
  • we only do it every 4 to 5 days.  (!)
  • my LO's skin is really dry so right now only 2x a week
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  • We just started doing it every night just a few days ago.  We're trying to get a night time routine going so that when DD is old enough to SSTN, we will have already established that routine.  If we start to notice that her skin is getting irritated, we will do the bath but without soap.
  • We started a bedtime routine right around 2months so we bath or shower with him everynight. When my ds was very young we bathed maybe 3 times a week - it was hard enough getting through those first few weeks with no sleep so it wasnt my top priority plus he didnt get that dirty. I did make sure to wipe him down with a warm washcloth everyday so he didnt stink like milk!
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  • I give her a bath every other night. But since my mom has come to town, she gives her a bath every night..
  • We're bad...we only give DS one, maybe two, baths a week.
  • We've been doing every-other-day since she has been a month old.
  • we started off with 2-3xs a wk but now LO has been STTN more we have a routine and shes gets one every other night. The nights that we dont do a bath we do take a warm washcloth to wipe her down and baby massage with lotion to calm and get her ready. And for the past 2 almost 3 wks it has been great with the same routine and her sleeping.

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  • DS gets bathed about 2 x a week.  He has extremely sensitive and dry skin and this was recommended by the pedi.
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