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Losing Breath and Squeaking?

Has your LO ever suddenly lost his/her breath for a second and started squeaking while freaking out?  I noticed DD do this for a few seconds once yesterday and then another time today while she was playing with toys on her bouncy chair.  Is this normal or should I be concerned...

Please share any thoughts or experiences.  I'm thinking I might want to call the doctor tomorrow.


Re: Losing Breath and Squeaking?

  • With breathing issues I would definitely call the doctor.  That's one thing I would never take a chance with.

    I've gone over several "unusual" breath things with our ped.  So far nothing that he was concerned about.  How old is your DD?  Young babies with out good head control have a lot of positional breathing issues, but that doesn't mean they are problems. 

    But it sounds like your DD is old enough that position would affect her.

  • My friend's LO has something like this, I guess it is a weak spot in her esophagus that will just mature over time.  It certainly is worth getting checked out- they sent her to a ENT doc just to make sure that it wasn't anything serious.  GL!
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  • Our LO has been squeaky since she got here.  The doctor (at the hospital) and her pediatrician said it's normal.  They said it's because her little wind pipe is the circumference of a straw.  They said I should only worry about it if her chest is heaving and/or her nostrils are flaring.
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  • DD1 did this a lot. I asked her pedi about it and she said it was very common for babies while their systems are maturing. I guess it's common for them to stop/start breathing. I would still mention it to your pedi though!
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