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Baby Wise method, anyone use it?

Just wondering if you had success with getting LO on a schedule? I'm thinking about trying it, but wanted so more input on how it worked for other people. 



Re: Baby Wise method, anyone use it?

  • I read Baby Wise before I had DS 1...  Is the routine you're talking about sleep, wake, feed, play, sleep?  I can't remember...
  • Yes in that manner, set to a 2.5 to 3 hour schedule.
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  • I think your LO is way way too young to be put on a schedule.  Right now, you just need to respond to her needs.  And those needs might be all over the place for quite some time. 
  • We follow this routine and it works well...  To PP it's not a schedule, but rountine.  Times vary.
  • We started loosely following this aroung 6 weeks.  Eat, wake, sleep.  DS sleeps like a champ and is super happy during awake time.  Everyone keeps telling us how lucky we are to have such an easy baby but, I really think that it's because we kinda follow that routine.  There are parts of it I don't totally agree with or follow (I don't really beleive in waking a sleeping baby)  but for the most part, we've had great success with it!
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  • I try to follow the routine and it seems to help baby.  But I don't let him cry when sleeping.  I also read the Baby Whisperer and follow her advice in getting baby to sleep.  The shush-pat thing helps baby fall asleep.  Now trying to get him to stay asleep for more than 2-3 hours is another thing.  Still haven't figured that one out!
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  • loosely, yes. We do the eat, activity, sleep routine suggested both in Babywise and in Baby Whisperer, following DD's cues. Many babies thrive on this type of routine, and do it naturally, they just need a little guidance. Our pedi suggests it as well.  A routine makes for a much happier baby and mommy in our family :) We started it from the very beginning and DD is doing great with it! I really wish we had stuck w/ it for DD1 because she had colic and never slept and would have benefited greatly from a routine!

    Like pp said, we don't do CIO at this point. We did Ferber at 9 months w/ DD1 but that's a whole other thing... I try to put DD down drowsy but awake and if it doesn't work, then I do what does work. We'll worry about that later. I think the routine has really helped her w/ day/night confusion (or lack of in her case :) and with sleeping well at night. She gives us 4-7 hours straight, last night was 8!

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  • I think the idea of a routine (eat, wake, play, sleep, or whatever) is great if it works for you. The idea of doing it on a set schedule (every 3 hours or whatever) is not a good idea at this point. You need to be feeding on demand. Putting newborns on a strict schedule has been linked to failure to thrive, just FYI. I also don't like the idea of CIO this young.

    So, there are some good ideas in there, I just would never follow babywise to the letter. 

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  • DS did this naturally. I would have never forced it on him. My advice would be to wait and see how your LO is. I think DS was 5-6 weeks when this routine started for him.
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  • Don't do it.
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  • We have done Baby Wise from the day we got home from the hospital and it is a wonderful resource.  DD very rarely cries and sleeps 5-7 hrs at night.   

    Most people associate BW with a strict schedule but in actuality it is more of a routine where you not only look at the clock but also at the child's cues as to when to feed. 

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  • You want to put a 2 week old on a schedule?  Seriously?
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