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Changing sleep swaddle routine

DS moves around a lot when he sleeps and absolutely hates sleeping on his back. We've been using a sleep positioner to put him on his side. But he's starting to break out of that and I don't want him sleeping on his stomach. He's also started being able to break out of a swaddle. So I am going to buy a large size swaddle blanket, and also a wearable sleep sack/blanket to keep his legs from flailing. DS is also a very light sleeper, and getting him to sleep longer than a few hours would be amazing! Any suggestions or ideas are helpful!
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Re: Changing sleep swaddle routine

  • Can't help you with the sleep positioning, but we found the Miracle Blanket awesome until about 2.5 months and then moved to the Woombie. 
  • DD refuses to sleep on her back too.  We use the sleep positioner to keep her on her side, but she's managing to wiggle out of that too.  We are giving in and letting her sleep on her stomach because she can roll over without a problem.

    Do you have a noise machine for DS?  Ours is the best thing ever!  I don't have the one with the projector, just the plain old sound machine from Walmart.  We keep it on ocean or babbling brook and DD's sleeping habits got so much better when we started using it.

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