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how long does 2 week old child feed?

How long does/did your 1 or 2 week old child take to bf and how often are you bf.  I am feeding mine 8 times a day (2 or 2.5 in between day and 4 hours in between feedings at night).  She has never woken us to feed so our pedii said we could wait longer at night to feed her.  Her feedings have been taking an hour.  But lately she has been falling asleep after about 20 min our 30 min and she is so tired she wont eat.  So I am thinking of only feeding about 30 min instead of the hour becuase she seriously is so tired.  Does this sound pretty normal for a 2 week old?  Is 7 or 8 feedings at a 30 min each enough or should I stick to the hour?  Obviously, if she is still hungry I will keep feeding her, but if she falls asleep I wont wake her.

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Re: how long does 2 week old child feed?

  • It took Evan about an hour to eat for the first 6 weeks, and he ate every 3 hours. Looking back, I am not sure if he was actually eating that whole time or comfort nursing for some of it, but he was latched for an hour at a time! Babies get more efficient as they get older- he now eats for 10-15 minutes, but it took a while to get there. Seeing as your kiddo is brand new, it's going to take longer to eat because she is little and still learning. How long after feeding for only a half hour is she hungry again? If she seems full and doesn't cry to eat a half hour later, I would say she's happy and go with it. As long as she's gaining weight, then I think you're ok.
  • At that age I *think* Andrew was eating about 15-20 min per side 8-10 times a day.  It's hard to remember because he has changed his habits quite a few times in the last three months!  He's eating time got shorter and shorter and then at about 2.5 months shot back up to 30+ min a side.  That boy likes to nurse!

    Every baby is different in the amount of time and frequency of feeding.  As long as she's gaining weight, having enough wet/dirty diapers, and seems content, then I'd say she's getting enough.  I know it can be nerve racking worrying that they're not eating enough or that your supply will go down.  But if all signs look good, trust that everything is okay!

     Oh and that's awesome that she'll go 4 hours at night!  IMO, if she can put together stretches like that, she's probably getting enough to eat!

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  • It definately depends on the baby. At that age, my baby would eat for about 10-15 min and pass out cold. I would spend another 45 min trying to wake her & get her to keep eating and drove myself nuts. When the LC came out & weighed her after 10 min of nursing, she had already consumed 2.5 oz in that short amount of time. She was getting enough & I was driving myself nuts for no reason. Look to your baby for cues on when she is done. If they are gaining weight well and having enough diapers, then they're fine.
  • I have to wake my LO during the day every 2-2 1/2 hrs. He was only eating 10 min. on each side and passing out -i tried everything to wake him and he just wouldnt. So now we are up to 15min. on each side...20 if he hasn't passed back out. He gets 8-9 feeds/day. 

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