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BF & Honey?

I had heard not to have honey while BFing but when I just did a google search, most sites say it's just fine, even kellymom.  What have you heard? 

Re: BF & Honey?

  • I've never heard that one.  What's the reasoning behind it, do you know?

    I know you shouldn't give honey to children under 1 year (there's a risk of botulism).  But adult systems can handle it.  Don't smear honey on your nipples and it should be fine.  Wink

  • It was the botulism risk and that I guess it could be transported through the breast milk.  Good call not to rub honey on the nipples though Stick out tongue  There goes my fun for the night (ha, ha).
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  • LOL!  now where is my honey?!
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