Exclusive pumpers..tell me your quitting plan.... — The Bump

Exclusive pumpers..tell me your quitting plan....

my twins are 6 months and I am ready to let go of nursing the PIS

Re: Exclusive pumpers..tell me your quitting plan....

  • Wow, you are great!  6 months!  I did 6 months with my first.  However, I am down to pumping 3x/day (9 oz each sesson) as that's all I can manage with a toddler +newborn twins.  I plan to stop after Xmas.  I will start weaning the w/o down to 2x/day for several days and then down to one and then none!  DONE!  It's just too much for me to do it any longer than that although I feel bad about it!

    GOod luck!

  • I have been pumping since last January, and I am trying to make it to DD's (adjusted) first birthday in May '10.  I am going to celebrate by throwing my pump out the window, drinking 20 cups of coffee, and wearing no bra for a few days.  I probably didn't answer your question.  :)  Ha, ha!
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  • we have been EPing for almost 8 months and i am down to pumping 4x a day. i think the closer i get to a year, i will drop the 6pm session, then the 12pm session. my AM and PM sessions will be last =(
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