Hey Goldie!!!!!! How are you guys? — The Bump

Hey Goldie!!!!!! How are you guys?

the G girls are 17 pounds lol.....

Re: Hey Goldie!!!!!! How are you guys?

  • i just saw your post somwhere else and was thinking "i wonder how she's doing!"

    the G's are so cute! Love the new siggy pic!!  That's great they are the same size -- my boys are now a size apart- which sucks since all of their matching clothes we got as gifts are the same size.

    Gibby was 18lbs at his 4mo appt!  He's in 12mo clothes now.  Gray was 15lbs at 4mo and is in 9mo clothes now.  They turn 6mo in 2 weeks- can't wait for their next weigh in to see how big they are.

    we're doing good - I'm back at work-b ut only part time- which i LOVE - because it's like a break for me to work 2-3 days :)  Griffin is an amazing big brother, which helps a lot - and the twins are good babies - I can NOT complain!!

    how are you and the girls?? you need to come online more! :)

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