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New to board, ? re: the big news

Hi all,

I am new to the board - estimated due date is 7/8/10, and this is our first child so we have tons of questions!  I am 30 and my Hubby is 36.  Our first appointment with the doctor is this Wednesday.  I am estimating I am about 9 weeks.  Question - when did you tell others about your pregnancy, right away, or did you wait until after your first appointment? 

;o) Amy

Re: New to board, ? re: the big news

  • Congratulations!  This is a good place for your questions.  My husband and I told our immediate family right away after getting the positive tests at home (I took 3 to be sure!)  We told our closest friends after my doctor confirmed the pregnancy and we had our first ultrasound around 8 weeks, then broke the news to the rest of the world after our 12-week appointment.  The one thing I learned is that when people get excited, they aren't the best secret keepers!  I have a few friends who I have trusted with secrets before, and as soon as my pregnancy secret hit they just HAD to tell one other person because it was so exciting.  Annoying!  So if you decide to share the news and want to keep it quiet make sure you stress the importance of a secret :)
  • Congrats and welcome!! Smile We're always happy to help here!

    We told our immediate families the day we found out. Then DH told his BFF the next day and I told my 3 BFFs the next week when I saw each of them. I also told my boss because I had a strict job and was going to have to do FMLA and wanted to talk to her about it. Other than that, we kept it quiet for about two months.

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  • Hi and Welcome! We had trouble TTC so we kept the big news to ourselves for a few days to let it sink in...then told family and close friends around 6w. I told my boss and random people around 12w-13w. A good rule of thumb is, tell people that you would want to know if something bad happened. So your close girlfriends, etc. But probably not your husband's loser friend, ya know?
  • We told anyone we would want to be there for us if "something" happened right away. I waited until 11 weeks to tell work and announce it via FB.
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